WZ7I Amateur Radio

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WZ7I Amateur Radio
WZ7I Amateur Radio

Welcome from WZ7I, Wes Cosand

Greetings to my radio friends around the world.

Thank you for coming to visit.  Please click around and get acquainted.

This web site is similar to a lab book.  It contains a lot of experimentation and undoubtedly some errors.  Please let me know where I make mistakes or where my explanations need to be clearer.  I can't guarantee that what works on my computer and radio will work on yours... chuckle...  All of our environments are different.  But thanks for browsing the site and have fun. -- Wes


Where can I find RTTY skimmer DX cluster spots?



Which is the best digital mode for a "rag chew" QSO"?path-sim2

Take a look at some charts and see what you think.



Which is the best software package for digital communications?

Here are some tests on RTTY and MFSK16 software.




Where is your CW signal reaching today?

Try this experiment:  click on this banner, call "CQ" a few times, and then see which CW Skimmer receivers pick up your signal.


Reversebeacon.net link

If you don't know much about CW Skimmer read Alex's description.

The above web site is an excellent place to watch propagation. It is also a great way to see how much power you really need or to compare two antennas. Transmit a few CQ calls, note your signal to noise ratio from several receivers, then change antennas, change frequency by a kilohertz or so, and transmit again to obtain new S/N ratios.

You can know every time one of your CW friends calls CQ

(At least if he has a good fist that a computer can copy.Wink)   If you have internet access, use your DX Cluster telnet software to connect to ve7cc.net, port 23 and get a stream of every CQ call from Skimmer receivers around the world. Interested? Click here. If you want to try this out without using special software, just click here.

Using skimmers in contesting

Here is an excellent presentation from the Contesting University at Dayton, 2013, by Bob Wilson, N6TV.